AVM Granites is the best in granite fabrication and installation for your home or office. We offer a wide range of top-quality materials and surfaces . AVM has been founded on the strong principles of quality, integrity and transparency. These integral values have been our guiding lights on our road to excellence and global leadership. At AVM the customer is at the center of our business as well as the core of our performance. That is the main reason why we are the only Indian granite manufacturer marketing our products in our own brand name. AVM’s brand value has been conceptualized by us, but its true measure and acceptability is gauged by the market. Given that AVM has evolved over time to become the preferred choice of the discerning customer, we can legitimately affirm that our customer is the main driver of our brand. Each and every delighted customer is AVM’s Brand Ambassador and this totally customer-driven approach is at the very core of our strategy and functioning. At AVM, we follow Best Manufacturing Practices so as to lend a cutting edge to our quality and granite products. We have successfully used benchmarking to achieve preferred manufacturer status, increase our market share and improve profitability in a highly competitive market.